How GitHub uses GitHub to design, develop and deploy GitHub

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27.06.2017 09:00 - 10:00 Uhr    Track: DevOps

Learn how GitHub’s globally distributed teams use GitHub tooling to develop and design GitHub, collaborate with engineering, sales, marketing and legal and deploy more than 500 times a week. Experience ChatOps, feature toggles and refactoring in production based on life demos and real examples. Agenda:

  • Zen of GitHub as guiding philosophy for any new feature work, nature of features, internal and external communication
  • remote nature of GitHub organization and its implications on standups, pair programming and working style
  • walk through the GitHub Flow based on examples from different teams (engineering, web site, legal, services, solution engineering)
  • introduction of GitHub's deployment API and life demo
  • introduction into ChatOps
  • ChatOps in the context of continuous deployment at GitHub
  • introduction to various deployment environments and queuing mechanisms
  • introduction to the confidence dashboard
  • introduction to Haystack
  • Feature Toggles @ GitHub
  • Refactoring in production @ GitHub
  • Q & A


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