DWX 2018 Interview

Jeff Fritz on Open Source

On Developer Week 2018, dotnetpro chief editor Tilman Börner has spoken with Jeff Fritz, Program Manager for Microsoft on the ASP.NET and .NET Community Outreach teams. They discuss Fritz’ Keynote and his call for more open source software.

these topics were also discussed:

  • How does that go with the fact that most sources of Microsoft (e.g. WebForms) are still closed sources?
  • What’s the future of ASP.NET WebForms and what happened to the idea of it being rendered on client side or even used with Angular?
  • How did Satya Nadella, its new CEO, changed Microsoft – is “enabling everybody” a complete restart?

Tipp: Jeff Fritz has a Twitch-Channel (twitch.tv/csharpfritz), where you can ask any question while he writes code in ASP.NET/Core and C#. Everyone is invited to contribute on Github.