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04.04.2016 16:36

Two weeks ago, you were able to submit questions to our keynote speaker Jurgen Appelo. Today we received the response from Jurgen. If you have more questions to Jurgen feel free to attend his keynote on the 20th of June in Nuremberg. Jurgen will give a talk about "Managing for Happiness". We hope you enjoy reading:

The biggest problem in change processes is certainly the middle management - how do you get them to be open to Management 3.0?
Middle managers often have the most to lose in an agile transformation. That's because the traditional hierarchy has always promoted people who are motivated by power and status. And middle managers feel the loss of power and status in most organizational change efforts. It is important not to tell them that "management is dead" because it just makes them resist the changes more. We should explain to them that there is still power and status in networks, it just works differently compared to hierarchies.

Management by objectives is more of a method of management 3.0 - what experience you made with OKR which is compatible with seemingly perfect Management 3.0
I believe in the principles of OKRs: short-term objectives, multiple metrics, full transparency, and everyone measuring themselves. However, I also found that for many people, metrics are like finance: important for everyone, but many people hate it. Also, the three-month cadence of self-assessment didn't work well for my team. That's why we changed the OKRs practice on our team: only one person collects the metrics on behalf of everyone, and we have a continuous flow of metrics and scores.

What is to mention, if you start your first software project with multiple developers?
Get to know the people. Don't manage them, just understand what they need and what they are capable of. You can do this with exercises such as Personal Maps or Moving Motivators in Management 3.0. But there are plenty of other tools and techniques to strengthen the ties between people.

You say management is too important to leave it to the managers. Should any developer thus become the manager in little? If so, do we need no longer managers?
Yes, everyone should feel (partly) responsible for making the organization a better place to work. Don't expect the managers to do everything. Anyone can introduce Kudo Cards, Celebration Grids or Delegation Boards. Indeed, this also means that in some organizations you can have better management with fewer managers. But no managers? No, that will never work. It would be the same as having a country without any government. The world's experiences with anarchies are not so good. But making governments smaller? Yes, that is often a good idea.

How can I manage efficiently as a developer?
Start reading, start experimenting with other people's ideas, see which ones work for your team and which ones don't, and keep changing the ideas until you notice progress.

How do I get taken seriously as a developer from my manager?
Take the manager more seriously! He or she is also a person with desires, emotions, a family, etc. Try to understand what your manager needs most. Start talking the language of your manager. He or she is making sure that you (as a team member) are getting paid, so the best thing to do is to treat the manager as a customer. The manager may understand very little about how you do your job but that doesn't mean that they should be mistrusted. They are usually just people who are trying to do a good job with outdated, bad management practices. They don't know any better. But in my experience, if you truly listen to their needs, and help them where you can, you earn a lot of trust and respect from them in return. And with that trust and respect, you get more freedom to change the organization.

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