Tracks of DWX 2024

The Developer Week (DWX) will take place from July 1 – 5, 2024 in Nuremberg. Due to the high degree of practical relevance and the high quality of the contributions and speakers, DWX is the first address when it comes to first-class training in software development.

DWX is organized by Developer Media, the training and further education brand for software developers and architects within the Ebner Media Group. With the trade magazine dotnetpro, the specialist conferences WDC, DWX and DDC as well as numerous remote and face-to-face seminars, Developer Media provides its visitors, participants and readers with high-quality and solution-oriented specialist information.

Our theme tracks

A topic area at DWX corresponds to a track: all sessions at DWX are organized in a grid according to this system. DWX comprises a total of 33 topic tracks, divided into nine comprehensive subject areas. This allows you to find your way around and deepen your knowledge and skills in a targeted manner.

Software Craftmanship

Software Design Principles

Topics: Logic, Planning, Methods, Maintainability, etc.


Topics: Components, Microservices, Refactoring, Patterns, Distributed Architectures, etc.

Software Quality

Topics: Implementing, Quality & Testing, QS, Clean Code, etc.

Software Testing

Topics: Stability, Maturity, Unit Tests, Integration Tests, UI Tests, Fuzzy Tests, etc.

Software Security

Topics: Interfaces, Code, Fuzzy Tests, etc.

Software Distribution

Topics: Performance, Scalability, Security, Event Sourcing, Implementation, etc.


Agile Methods

Topics: Event Storming, Agile, Kanban, etc.


Topics: Sprint Planning, Agile UX, Mob-Programming & Scrum, Requirements vs. Agility, etc.


Topics: Technologies, Tools, DevSecOps, Automation, etc.


Topics: Jenkins, Azure DevOps Server, TFS, Make, etc.

Git, Github

Topics: GitHub Actions, GitOps, Operation, Tipps, Hooks, etc.

Microsoft .NET

.NET Fundamentals

Topics: .NET Core, .NET 6/7, .NET Framework, C#, VB, F#, CLI, CLR, Memory Management, Performance, etc.

.NET Backend (Development)

Topics: Dapr, Orleans, AKS, ASP.NET Core, EF Core, ADO.NET, SignalR, WebAPI, gRPC, etc.

.NET Frontend (Development)

Topics: Blazor, MAUI, WinUI, WPF, WinForms, Unity, MVVM, Avalonia, Uno, SPA's, Control, etc.

.NET Doing

Topics: Visual Studio, VS Code, Rider, NUnit, Ndepend, ReSharper, NuGet, PRISM, Automapper, Logging, Dependency Injection, etc.



Topics: JavaEE/Jakarta EE, Spring Boot, Jakarta Data, Quarkus, Virtual Threads, RSI, WildFly, Openliberty, JPA, etc.

JVM Languages

Kotlin, Java, Language Internals, Best Practices, etc.



Topics: Angular, React, Vue.js, Svelte, Micro Frontends, Accessibility, etc.


Topics: Minimal API, ASP.NET Core, Node.js, Deno, JAMStack, etc.


Topics. Xamarin, Flutter, Electron, NativeScript, .NET Core, etc.


Topics: UI/UX,CSS, Animation, Storybook, etc.

Web Languages

Topics: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, HTML, etc.

Cloud & Data

Cloud Development

Topics: Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc.


Topics: Docker, Kubernetes, Kata Containers, Terraform, etc.

Big Data

Topics: Tensorflow, Apache Cassandra, Flink, Azure CosmosDB, etc.


Topics: NoSQL, RDBMS, Graph-DBs, Geographical DBs, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, etc.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Basics

Topics: GenAI Basics, Understanding LLM's, Prompt Engineering, Integrating & Training of GPT models, Few-Shot Learning, RAG, Embedding & Vector-DB, Scripting with LangChain, etc.

AI Tools & Solutions

Topics: GenAI Solutions, LLM in Business Apps, Github Co-Pilot, ChatGPT, PromptFlow, Azure OpenAI Service, Local AI, Semantic Kernel, Chatbots in Teams/Slack, Speech, Vision, etc.

Machine Learning

Topics: KI-Basics, Deep/Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, NLP, AI-Services in Azure, AWS & GCP, etc.

Personality & Leadership

Dealing with Complexity

Topics: Happiness at Work, Behavioral Psychology, Resilience, Mastering Conflict Situations, Motivation, Mental Health, ETFF, Skin in the Game, etc.


Topics: (Agile) Leadership, Goals, On-Off Boarding, 4 Levels of Communication, Sending/Receiving, etc.


New Tech

Topics: Quantum Computing, Quantum Cryptography, Security, Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, etc.

Green Dev

Topics: Green Coding, Green IT, etc.

Conference Chairs & AdBoard

This is where the Developer Week Advisory Board introduces itself. The AdBoard is responsible for the program under the direction of the Conference Chairs. The members are renowned experts on this year’s topic tracks. After reviewing the submissions from the publicly advertised Call for Speakers and the presentation recommendations of the Advisory Board, the conference chairs combine all topics into a jointly developed program.

Having attended various (international) conferences over the years, the AdBoard also constantly passes on the experience and impressions it has gained in order to align DWX even more specifically with the current wishes and needs of software developers and IT decision-makers. In this way, they contribute significantly to the success and continuous further development of DWX.

Conference Chairs

Fernando Schneider | Conference Chair

Fernando Schneider is editor of dotnetpro. After his studies, he worked as a senior editor at Addison-Wesley, MITP and Carl Hanser Verlag. In 2010, he moved to various sales positions at SIGS Datacom, Maximago and HeiReS. In 2014, he joined Developer Media, where he initially built up the training division (now Developer Academy) and has been Head of Content for the entire Developer unit since 2023.

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Tilman Börner | Conference Chair

Tilman Börner ist Chefredakteur der dotnetpro. Nach seinem Studium zum Diplom-Physiker machte er beim Computermagazin CHIP ein Volontariat zum Softwareredakteur. Später wurde er stellvertretender Chefredakteur des Gruner + Jahr computerchannel, einem Web-only Computermagazin. Danach betreute er die Webseiten von MSDN Online Deutschland redaktionell. 2003 wurde er Chefredakteur der dotnetpro. Tilman Börner programmiert seit der Schulzeit in Basic, dBASE, Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic, Fortran, C, Delphi, PHP und C#.

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AdBoard DWX 2024

Marko Beelmann || Approaches: Git, Github

Marko Beelmann is a passionate software developer and has been a .NET developer from the very beginning. He has been convinced by the framework and the C# language since .NET 1.0. His main job is developing .NET software for solutions in the healthcare sector of the Philips Group. His work focuses on C#, Rx, TPL, performance, git and software architecture. In addition to his full-time job, he gives training courses and advises companies on software development.

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Gregor Biswanger || Microsoft .NET: .NET Backend (Development) | Web Languages

Gregor Biswanger (Microsoft MVP, Intel Black Belt and Intel Software Innovator) is a freelance lecturer, consultant, trainer, author and speaker. He is a consultant for large and medium-sized companies, organizations and agencies for software architecture, web- and cross-platform development with C# and JavaScript. His key aspects are MEAN-Stack, ASP.NET-Core, Docker, Azure, Domain-Driven Design and Microservices.

Additionally he is writing articles for known magazines and you can find attending or speaking at international conferences. Gregor Biswanger is one of the well-known .NET- and JavaScript-expert in Germany, Swiss and Austria. You´ll reach him here:

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Tilman Börner || Innovation: New Tech

Tilman Börner is editor-in-chief of dotnetpro and one of the two conference chairs of DWX 24. After graduating as a physicist, he completed a traineeship as a software editor at the computer magazine CHIP. He later became deputy editor-in-chief of Gruner + Jahr computerchannel, a web-only computer magazine. He then became editor-in-chief of the MSDN Online Deutschland website. In 2003 he became editor-in-chief of dotnetpro. Tilman Börner has been programming in Basic, dBASE, Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic, Fortran, C, Delphi, PHP and C# since his school days.

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Damir Dobric || Cloud & Data: Cloud Development

CEO and Lead Architect of DAENET GmbH – ACP Digital, Microsoft's long-term Gold Certified Partner and a leading technology integrator specialized in software technologies, with a strong focus on Cloud Computing, IoT, and Machine Learning.

Damir Dobric is a highly skilled and experienced Lead Software Architect at DAENET, a company specializing in delivering innovative software solutions and consulting services. With a strong background in software development, Damir specializes in various areas such as cloud computing, IoT, and artificial intelligence.

In addition to his role at DAENET, Damir is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). The Microsoft MVP Award is a prestigious recognition given to exceptional technical experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. As an MVP, Damir is part of an elite group of professionals known as Microsoft Regional Directors who actively contribute to the Microsoft community by offering guidance, support, and expertise in various Microsoft technologies.

Damir's commitment to excellence in software development and his dedication to helping others have earned him a reputation as a thought leader in the industry. His contributions to the Microsoft community and his work as a Lead Software Architect at DAENET showcase his expertise and passion for technology.

With a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, Damir Dobric is a valuable asset to both DAENET, ACP and the broader Microsoft ecosystem. His work continues to inspire and support other professionals in their pursuit of technical excellence and innovation.

Furthermore, he serves as an external professor for Software Engineering and Cloud Computing at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. Damir holds a PhD in Computational Intelligence from the University of Plymouth, UK.

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Ina Einemann || Approaches: Agile Methods

Ina Einemann works as an Agile Coach at Open Knowledge GmbH in Oldenburg. In addition to her work as a Scrum Master, her field of activity also includes PO and requirements engineering tasks. She deals with agile methods and process models and advises teams on the implementation of agile practices. She is also one of the hosts of the podcast "Mein Scrum ist kaputt" ("My Scrum is broken").

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Christian Giesswein || Microsoft .NET: .NET Fundamentals | Microsoft .NET: .NET Doing

Christian Giesswein studied business informatics in Vienna and has been developing software with .NET and C# from an early age. He founded his company "Giesswein Software Solutions" ( in Tyrol, which specializes in individual software, consulting and training in the Microsoft area.

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Fabian Gosebrink || Web: Backend

Fabian Gosebrink is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP and ASP.NET Core & Angular web developer. As a software engineer, consultant and trainer, he advises and supports customers in the implementation of web applications in the front and back end area up to cross-platform applications with HTML5 and Javascript/Typescript. Fabian is also a speaker at local user groups and conferences, trainer, head of the Swiss community "Swiss Angular", head of the .NET user group in Zurich and administrator of the largest German-speaking C# community (

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Thomas Claudius Huber || Microsoft .NET: .NET Frontend (Development)

Thomas Claudius Huber is Microsoft MVP in Windows Development and Senior Principal Consultant and Partner at Trivadis AG. As a trainer, consultant and developer, he works in the areas of C#, TypeScript, WPF, UWP, Angular and Azure. As he has been fascinated by user interfaces since his computer science studies, he has been involved in UI programming with XAML since the first WPF version. Today, in addition to XAML UIs, he enthusiastically implements applications with TypeScript and Angular. Thomas is the author of various books, including the comprehensive guide to the Windows Presentation Foundation and the book "Getting Started with TypeScript". You can find his personal website at

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Thorsten Kansy || Cloud & Data: Databases

Thorsten Kansy, living near Frankfurt in the heart of Germany, is with heart and soul and for what feels like an eternity (aka nearly 30 years) developer, software architect, and mentor. Full stack developer meets Microsoft SQL Server and Azure.

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Michael Kaufmann || Approaches: DevOps

Michael Kaufmann is a Microsoft MVP and Regional Director and the CEO of Xpirit Germany. Mike has been working as a .net developer and architect for more than 20 years. In addition to implementing agile techniques (like scrum), ALM and DevOps practices, he is an Azure architect and a Clean Code addict. He shares his knowledge in books, trainings, his blog, articles and as a speaker and keynote speaker at international conferences.

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Werner Keil || Java: Java | Java: JVM Languages

Werner Keil is currently working as an external Java EE Consultant, Microservice Architect and API Designer in the financial sector, after similar work for insurance companies and companies in the print and automotive/embedded sector, as well as an Agile Coach, Java Embedded and Eclipse RCP expert for a provider of embedded and real-time systems. He helps Global 500 companies from industries such as mobile/telecom, web 2.0, finance, tourism/logistics, automotive, healthcare, environment & public sector, as well as IT vendors including Oracle and IBM. He designed micro-formats for the search engine of an online music store for a media giant and a portal for a private university, which is now generally regarded as a social network. Werner develops enterprise systems using Java, Java/JakartaEE, Oracle, IBM, SAP or Microsoft, and carries out web development using Adobe, Ajax/JavaScript, dynamic or functional languages

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Konstantin Klein || Cloud & Data: Big Data

Constantin Klein arbeitet bei der Freudenberg IT GmbH & Co. KG. Dort beschäftigt er sich mit der Entwicklung von Lösungen auf Basis der Microsoft-Produkte und Technologieplattformen. Sein besonderes Interesse gilt dabei der Gewinnung, Verarbeitung und Nutzung von Daten und Informationen. Er ist MCSD, MCITP Database Developer und MCPD Web und Enterprise Application Developer. Seit 2010 wurde er jährlich von Microsoft zum Most Valuable Professional (MVP) für die Microsoft Data Platform ernannt. Er engagiert sich zusätzlich im Vorstand des Just Community e.V. ( und von PASS Deutschland e.V. ( Außerdem leitet er die .NET User Group Frankfurt ( Sein Blog finden Sie unter

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Michael Kotten || Cloud & Data: Big Data

Michael Kotten is a freelance software developer and architect in the field of Java Enterprise. He is particularly interested in the areas of cloud computing and containerization in conjunction with continuous delivery/deployment and microservices. He regularly speaks at conferences and Java user groups.

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Christian Liebel || Web: Hybrid

Christian Liebel is a consultant at Thinktecture AG in Karlsruhe. There he develops modern cross-platform apps based on Angular and .NET Core. He is enthusiastic about the new possibilities of application development opened up by Progressive Web Apps. Christian has been awarded Microsoft MVP and Google GDE for his active work in the community. You can reach him on Twitter at @christianliebel, his personal blog can be found at

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Neno Loje || Approaches: Scrum

Neno Loje is an independent consultant and Professional Scrum Trainer. He is passionate about helping large and small companies and teams to become more agile, minimize risk, automate more and enhance everyday life with pragmatic solutions. His focus is on Microsoft's Azure DevOps (formerly TFS) and Scrum.

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Hendrik Lösch || Software Craftmanship: Software Testing

Hendrik Lösch is a consultant and architect at ZEISS Digital Innovation. His work focuses on the development and evaluation of software based on Microsoft technologies. He also enjoys writing and talking about his work and his enthusiasm for clean code, software evolution and test automation in its various forms.

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Ulf Mewe || Approaches: Agile Methods

Ulf Mewe works as a consultant at HEC GmbH in Bremen. He advises and supports companies, specialist departments and teams in the areas of requirements management and agile project management. His focus is always on the further development of people and organizations in order to make work more valuable. As a speaker at various conferences and as a lecturer at Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Ulf Mewe benefits from more than ten years of experience in agile requirements management and agile projects and is always happy to share this experience with others.

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Stefan Mintert || Personality & Leadership: Leadership

Stefan Mintert supports organizations in agile transformation and on the path to agile leadership.

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Aydin Mir Mohammadi || Innovation: Green Dev

Aydin Mir Mohammadi, partner and architect at bluehands, has been creating software for more than twenty years. He specializes in the development of distributed applications based on Microsoft technologies.

Aydin is co-initiator of the .NET User Group Karlsruhe and is involved in the training of young software developers as a lecturer at the Duale Hochschule Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Cooperative State University).

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Marc Müller || Approaches: CI / CD

Marc Müller works as a Principal Consultant for ALM/DevOps and .NET/Azure solutions at 4tecture GmbH and has been recognized by Microsoft as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Developer Technologies (DevOps). He has been able to contribute his DevOps expertise and know-how for enterprise architectures and component-based distributed systems to many projects in recent years. As a trainer and speaker, he specializes in training and coaching DevOps and .NET project teams.

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Jörg Neumann || Artificial Intelligence: AI Basics | Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning

Jörg Neumann ist Mitgründer der Aclue GmbH. Er berät seit vielen Jahren Unternehmen bei der Technologieauswahl, Architektur und dem Entwurf mobiler Apps. Für sein Engagement in diesem Bereich wurde er von Microsoft mehrfach mit dem „Most Valuable Professional“-Award ausgezeichnet. Sein Wissen vermittelt er regelmäßig in Form von Büchern, Beiträgen in Fachzeitschriften, sowie als Sprecher und Trainer auf Konferenzen und Seminaren.

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Florian Rappl || Web: Frontend

Dr. Florian Rappl is Solution Architect for IoT and distributed web applications at smapiot. His main interest lies in the creation of innovative architectures that scale in development and usage. He won several prizes for his work and is a Microsoft MVP in the area of development technologies. He regularly blogs and writes articles for popular magazines and websites in the web development space.

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Tobias Richling || Software Craftmanship: Software Distribution

Tobias Richling lives in a small town in Münsterland. He works as a software developer at apetito AG. He is mainly responsible for the company's B2B platforms. He is passionate about meeting daily challenges with agility and the right technology at the right time. He has been working with both .NET and .NET Core since the very beginning. He is also an author, speaker, knowledge sharer and hobby brewer. You can reach him by email at or on Twitter @trichling.

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Ulrike Stirnweiß || Web: Design

Ulrike Stirnweiß is an Innovation Coach at INCLUSIFY AG. She is primarily concerned with usability and design concepts and advises clients on the creation of intuitive, innovative and accessible user interfaces. In addition to the conceptual work, the technical implementation is also part of her tasks. Her focus is on cross-device development with Xamarin and Unity.

As lead of the .Net User Group Franken ( and organizer of the .Net Day Franken (, she can regularly be found behind, in front of and on stage at various community events. She reports on her experiences in her blog

In October 2015, she was awarded the title "MVP Windows Platform Development" by Microsoft for her community involvement and the sharing of her expert knowledge.

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David Thömmes || Web: Design

David C. Thömmes (B.Sc.) studied Media Informatics at the University of Kaiserslautern and discovered his passion for human-computer interaction and software engineering early on. David programmed his first user interfaces with VBA and Delphi in 2004. As Managing Director and Lead Software & UX Engineer at Shapefield, he is now passionate about UX design and agile software development. David is a leading expert in the analytical design of a user interface and its technical implementation as a comprehensive UI architecture as part of an interdisciplinary UX design process. Before Shapefield, David played a key role in building up the development department of the renowned UX service provider Ergosign for almost 5 years in the role of Senior Software Engineer & Field Lead "Software Engineering Standards". At the beginning of 2015, David left Ergosign at his own request and laid the foundation for Shapefield a few months later. Having worked on various projects with different technologies, he has in-depth knowledge in the development of desktop, web, embedded and mobile applications. His industry specialization lies in the fields of enterprise, finance, industry and engineering. Technically, his heart beats for .NET (C#, WPF, Prism), Qt (C++, QML) and PHP. David was honored with the Microsoft MVP Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018/19 for his achievements. David is also a regular conference speaker and lecturer. David also completed a vocational baccalaureate in business informatics before starting his studies.

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David Tielke || Software Craftmanship: Software Architecture | Software Quality

David Tielke has been a freelance consultant, coach and trainer on the Microsoft technology stack for over 10 years
and is a certified expert in architecture and software quality. He advises and trains his customers throughout Europe and is a speaker at numerous conferences as well as a specialist author. You can find more information on his blog.

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Christian Wenz || Software Craftmanship: Software Security

Christian Wenz is an author, trainer, and consultant. His main focus of working and writing is on web technologies and security. Christian has written or co–written over 100 books for various publishers. He works with both open source and closed source web technologies. This leads to the unusual situation that he has both been awarded a Microsoft MVP for ASP⁄ASP.NET and is the lead author of the Zend PHP certification. He is also listed in Mozilla's credits (about:credits) and contributes to several other open source projects. Apart from writing and working on web projects, Christian also frequently speaks at developer conferences around the globe that cover web technologies.

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Ralph Westphal || Software Craftmanship: Software Design Principles

Ralf Westphal ( is a trainer, consultant and co-founder of the Clean Code Developer Initiative ( His focus is on sustainable software architecture and sustainable team organization ( Ralf has been a prolific author in blogs, magazines and books as well as a speaker at developer conferences in Germany and abroad since 1997.

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Christian Weyer || Artificial Intelligence: AI Tools & Solutions

Christian Weyer is co-founder and CTO of Thinktecture AG. As a Microsoft MVP, RD and Google GDE, he has been speaking at various software conferences and events worldwide for over two decades - with passion and commitment, especially for distributed application architectures and cross-platform solutions. A deeply technical as well as realistic assessment of technologies is one of his trademarks.

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Gregor Woiwode || Personality & Leadership: Dealing with Complexity

Gregor Woiwode is CTO of GmbH. He loves developing tools that allow programmers to be even more productive.

As a speaker, trainer and consultant, he teaches techniques to continuously improve the architecture of Angular applications.

He enjoys running and tries his skills as a hobby chef from time to time.

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