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Developer Week ’22

Continuing education in software skills, expert talks and exchange with fellow developers – united in one place!

Anyone who earns their living with software development visits Developer Week (DWX), one of the largest independent developer conferences in Europe. Over 200 lectures, workshops and dev sessions by more than 150 experts provide plenty of knowledge transfer. Open questions can be clarified in direct interaction with the speakers.

The Developer Week will take place from 04 to 08 July 2022 as a pure on-site event in the NCC Ost in Nuremberg.


Why you should come to DWX
“Knowledge for the future.”
A commentary by Conference Chair Tilman Börner

Turn on your computer, go to the Developer Week website, listen and participate. No one will check whether you are sitting in front of the screen in your pyjamas. But afterwards everyone will ask you where you acquired this immensely helpful knowledge.

Because that’s what Developer Week 22 is all about: taking away knowledge about new technologies, procedures, tips and tricks. Learn about new frameworks and how to bring an application to the web with little effort. Or in the cloud. Or to the mobile device.

As a participant in Developer Week 22, you will learn about the new features of C# and .NET, and learn important things about Angular, Blazor, Progressive Web Apps and Java. You will learn new things about software architecture, how to increase the quality of your software or how to bring old systems into a future-proof form.

Get a ticket and soak up the knowledge of the experts. You will find out: After Developer Week 22, you will see many technological or organisational things with different eyes.

Presentation formats


Date: 05. - 07. July 2022
Duration: Around one hour each
Breaks: Lunch break, coffee breaks
Number of participants: Unlimited
Contents: Overview or deep dive on one topic area
Method: Frontal teaching

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Date: 08. July 2022
Duration: Around four hours each
Breaks: Lunch break, coffee breaks
Number of participants: maximum 35
Contents: Detailed deep dive into a topic
Method: Frontal teaching

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Date: 04. July 2022
Duration: One working day each
Breaks: Lunch break, coffee breaks
Number of participants: maximum 25
Contents: Intensive learning and practising of new technologies.
Method: Knowledge transfer and self-testing

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Tuesday, 05. July 2022
Reflecting on two decades of .NET

Speaker: Jon Skeet, Google

.NET was announced in July 2000, at PDC. Twenty years is a very long time in tech.

Remember when .NET was Windows-only? Remember C# before generics? Remember when we didn’t even have smart phones, let alone the ability to run cross-platform apps transpiled to web assembly?

Come with me on a walk down memory lane as we look at the highlights of the evolution of both C# and .NET – as well as the broader industry.

Wednesday, 06. July 2022
Four things you didn’t know the modern Web can do. Number three will make you smile!

Speaker: Thomas Steiner, Google

In 2022, Web apps can be installed onto the device like regular platform-specific apps and blend in with the rest of your apps naturally. Web apps can become file handlers—or even the default file handler—for files, so you can doubleclick a file in your file explorer and the Web app in charge will handle it. Web apps can tightly integrate with the operating system, so you can share files to and from them. And of course Web apps can read and write texts and images to the operating system’s clipboard.

You will walk out with a head full of ideas, but fret not, I will leave you with enough pointers for further reading so you can look up the details after the talk from the comfort of your home.

Thursday, 07. July 2022
Bringing Data to L.I.F.E. and Life to Data

Speaker: Dr. Joe Perez

What does it mean to bring data to life? Marketing and customer experience expert Jay Baer once said, “We are surrounded by data, but starved for insight.” Although it has been said that exabytes of new information are generated on a daily basis, how much of that data is actually meaningful?

In this session, discover the four “L.I.F.E.” pillars of relevant data that will bring meaning to these masses of numbers. Catch the right blend of left-brain logic and right-brain ideas. Recognize the value of answering questions you know and exploring questions you don’t know. Find out how to turn obstacles into opportunities as you bring data to L.I.F.E. and life to data.

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