The Developer Week takes plaace at the exhibition centre in Nuremberg from 02. – 06. November 2020. The DWX will be presented by dotnetpro, the professional magazine for software developers who develop programs based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework, and web & mobile developer, the magazine for professional developers of web and mobile applications.

Both the conferences with their 60-minute presentations as well as DevSessions and all-day workshops cover the following topics:

Themetracks of the Developer Week


  • .NET (.NET Core 3, .NET Standard, .NET Framework, Visual Studio)
  • .NET UI (WPF, Windows Forms, UWP, Xamarin Forms)
  • .NET Patterns & Practices
  • Accessibility (Reader-compatible websites, contrast)
  • Agile Methods (Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming)
  • AI / Machine Learning (Basics, Deep Learning, Cognitive Services, AutoML)
  • Angular (Components, CLI)
  • Big Data (Tensorflow, Flink)
  • Business Intelligence (Tools for analysis)
  • CI/CD (Jenkins, Azure DevOps)
  • Cloud development (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)
  • Cloud ItPros
  • Container (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Core Java / Java SE
  • Cross-Platform (Xamarin, Mono, Electron, NativeScript)
  • Databases (NoSQL, RDBMS, Graph DBs, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, CouchDB, CosmosDB)
  • Data access (Entity Framework, OR-Mapper)
  • DevOps (Procedures, Teambuilding, Tools)
  • Enterprise Java / Jakarta EE
  • Frontend Architecture (MVC, MVVM, MVP)
  • Game Development / VR, XR (Unity, Unreal, Quake)
  • Git, GitHub (Operation, Tips)
  • JavaScript, TypeScript (internal language, Best Practices)
  • JVM: Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, Groovy, Ceylon, Fantom (internal language, Best Practices)
  • Lowcode (Projects from practice)
  • Middleware (Message Bus, Load Balancer, Infrastructure)
  • NewTech (Blockchain, Robot, Autonomous driving, AI)
  • Programming languages (Rust, Go, Swift)
  • Softwareevolution (Practice for application conversion, Pathfinder rule)
  • Scrum (Practice)
  • Security (Authentication, Authorization, Identity Server, Secure Software Development)
  • Softskills (Self Management, Learning from failure, Teambuilding)
  • Software Craftsmenship, Clean Code (Agile Manifesto, Rules)
  • Software architecture (pattern, distributed architectures)
  • Software quality (Implementation, tests, QA)
  • Test (Unit Tests, Integration Tests, UI Tests)
  • UX, UI, UI Design (Best Practices, aids for developers)
  • Web Backend (Frameworks, Node.js, ASP.NET Core)
  • Web Frontend (Vue.js, React, Architecture, Validation, Connections)
  • Xamarin (Xamarin Forms, Practice)


In total, the programme will consist of more than 250 lectures. Although the conference language is German, we are also looking forward to English presentations. The Call for Speakers ends on 14 January 2020, after which the Advisory Board will review and evaluate the submissions. The programme will therefore be put together at the beginning of February.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact our Conference Chair, Tilman Börner, by email at