Tracks of the Developer Week

The Developer Week (DWX) will take place from 26 – 30 June 2023 in Nuremberg. Due to the high degree of practical relevance and the high quality of the contributions and speakers, DWX is the first address when it comes to first-class further education in software development.

DWX is organised by Developer Media, the continuing education brand for software developers and architects within the Ebner Media Group. With the trade magazine dotnetpro, the trade conferences WDC, DWX, DDC and DCC as well as numerous remote and face-to-face seminars, Developer Media provides its visitors, participants and readers with high-quality and solution-oriented specialist information.

The conference presentations, the multi-hour DevSessions and the full-day workshops cover the following topics:

  • .NET (.NET 7, .NET 6, .NET Core, .NET Framework, Visual Studio 2022, VS Code, etc…).
  • .NET Patterns & Practices (NuGet, MVVM, Prism, DI, OO Mapper, etc…)
  • .NET UI (MAUI, WinUI, WPF, Windows Forms, UWP, Xamarin, etc…)
  • Agile methods (Event Storming, Agile, Kanban, etc…)
  • AI / Machine Learning (Deep Learning, Cognitive Services, AutoML, etc…)
  • Angular (controls, CLI, testing, etc…)
  • Big Data (Tensorflow, Apache Cassandra, Flink, Azure CosmosDB, etc…)
  • CI/CD (GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, etc…)
  • Cloud development (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc…)
  • Containers (Docker, Kubernetes, Kata Containers, Terraform, etc…)
  • Cross-platform (Xamarin, Flutter, Electron, NativeScript, .NET Core, etc…)
  • Databases (NoSQL, RDBMS, Graph DBs, Geographical DBs, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, etc…)
  • DevOps (technologies, tools, DevSecOps, automation, etc…)
  • Git, GitHub (operation, tips, hooks, etc…)
  • Industrial Computing (IIoT, Industry 4.0, etc.)
  • Java (JavaEE/Jakarta EE, Spring Boot, Jakarta Data, Quarkus, Virtual Threads, RSI, WildFly, Openliberty, JPA)
  • JavaScript, TypeScript (best practices, etc…)
  • JVM languages (Kotlin, Java, language internals, best practices, etc…)
  • NewTech (stable diffusion, quantum computing, natural language processing, blockchain, virtual reality, etc…)
  • Programming languages (Python, F#, Rust, etc…)
  • Scrum (Sprint Planning, Agile UX, Mob-Programming & Scrum, Requirements vs. Agility)
  • Security (Zero Trust, Authentication, Authorisation, Identity Server, Secure Software Development, etc…)
  • Softskills (Self Management, Team Building, Recruitment, etc…)
  • Software Craftsmanship (Agile Manifesto, Clean Code, Patterns, Rules, etc…)
  • Software Architecture (components, microservices, refactoring, patterns, distributed architectures, event sourcing, Dapr, etc…)
  • Software quality (implementation, tests, QA, etc…)
  • Testing (unit tests, integration tests, UI tests, etc…)
  • UX / UI design / accessibility (best practices, reader-friendly websites, etc…)
  • Web Backend (Minimal API, ASP.NET Core, Node.js, Deno, JAMStack, etc…)
  • Web Frontend (Micro Frontends, React, Svelte, Vue.js, Blazor, Architecture, etc…)